Tips for Understated Fall Decorating

For those of you looking to go on the simpler side of fall decorating, we have some tips and ideas for you! Understated fall decorating gives you the seasonal feel without using so many traditional fall elements. Your home will feel festive and cozy, yet sophisticated and unique!

Bring Nature Indoors

Natural elements are very representative of the fall season, and they many times offer a cabin-like feel – enhancing the coziness in your space. Wooden furniture and decor is especially effective at achieving this. A wooden rocking chair immediately creates a sense of ease and warmth, and decor like wooden paintings, carved wooden animal figurines, or wooden vases or woven decor are also excellent sources of fall warmth.

Other natural fall decor includes wheat stalks, branches, pine cones, or cotton – which can be used in various different ways to achieve an understated fall look. Wheat stalks or decorative branches can be placed in a vase to offer an instant sense of nature and will look great as an accent for almost any home! Cotton or pine cones, or both as you can see pictured above, look beautiful in a clear vase and make an excellent fall centerpiece.

These displays offer an understated elegance and will definitely make your home feel more like fall!

Get Cozy 

As the colder weather moves in outside, it makes us want to make our homes feel extra cozy inside. This is why comfort elements like fuzzy throw pillows, chunky knit blankets, and fluffy area rugs are a great way to give your home a fall feel. Nothing is more comforting than snuggling up under your favorite blanket while it rains, sleets, or snows outside!

You’ll also instantly feel more comforted and relaxed when you walk into a room and take in these elements visually.

Integrate Soft, Earthy Tones 

Trendy fall colors have strayed away from the traditional red, orange, and yellow, and we are now seeing more neutrals, earth tones, and soft pastels! This trend is largely derived from the rise of Scandinavian style, which emanates softness and simplicity. These looks are warm yet sophisticated, which gives a fun twist to traditional fall decorating!

White pumpkins are a perfect example of understated fall decorating using a neutral tone. They provide the space with a fall feel that doesn’t overpower the room, and instead accent your space in a delightfully unexpected way!

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