Tips for Selecting the Right Patio Furniture

Getting patio furniture is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort during the spring, summer, and early fall. But how do you know which outdoor furniture is right for you?

Here are some things to consider when picking out your outdoor pieces based on your lifestyle!

What type of sit do you prefer?

Do you prefer a deep sit or shallow sit? If you like to lay back, lounge, and sit deep in your seat, Adirondack chairs might be a great fit for you! If you prefer to sit up further and/or find it difficult to get out of chairs that are low to the ground, an outdoor sofa or sectional may be a better fit!

If you enjoy a little more give with your seating, you might also want to make sure your outdoor furniture has cushions to offer the most comfort.

How much seating do you need?

Are you someone who likes to entertain guests? Do you have a large family who would enjoy some outdoor seating? In the summer months when everyone wants to be outside, a comfortable area with enough seating for everyone can create the perfect setting for a sunset dinner on the patio, a place to chat and watch the kids play, or maybe even to play some outdoor trivia or charades!

If you could use some extra room for entertaining or just accommodating family members during the summer, an outdoor sectional, patio sofa and chair set, or outdoor dining set are all great options! Selecting between these options depends on how you intend to use the space most.

How much will your furniture be used?

Do you plan on using your outdoor furniture every day, or are you looking to get outdoor seating for your vacation home that you visit once a month? Do you have children or grandchildren who will be using it or is it mainly for you and your significant other? Do you plan on leaving your furniture out year-round or putting it into storage for the winter?

These are all important questions to ask before you decide on outdoor furniture. If you expect that the furniture will be used frequently, is likely to have some food or drink spilled on it, and will be exposed to the elements year-round, sustainability is a very important factor in your decision!

You don’t wan’t to have to get new outdoor furniture every other year, so finding high-quality pieces that will be more resistant to the elements along with general wear and tear is a great way to ensure your furniture lasts and will be enjoyed for years to come!

What features would help enhance your experience?

Think about what would make your outdoor experience the most enjoyable. If you would like to go out in the evenings and enjoy a nice fire, there are plenty of outdoor sets available that include firepits! If you are someone who enjoys putting their feet up at the end of the day, you can find outdoor sets with ottomans OR get an outdoor chaise!

Your outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy your afternoon downtime, your weekends at home, and your patio conversations with friends and family in comfort. When all you want to do is be outside, there’s nothing better than having a comfortable space to sip your wine and let your troubles drift away while the summer breeze runs through your hair.

We realize how important that time can be, so if you could use some help finding the right outdoor pieces to suit your comfort, needs, and budget, we’re here to help you find options that fit your needs!

If you’d like more information about selecting outdoor furniture and/or would like help selecting the right pieces, come see us at 1693 Main St Green Bay! We’d love to help you get some great outdoor furniture to enjoy this summer and the summers to follow!

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