The Design Process – What to Expect

When starting a new interior design project, especially when it’s the first project you’re delving into, you might not know what to expect, or where to start.

This is where getting an interior designer’s expertise can be of major help. They’ll help you take all the necessary steps to achieve your goals and bring your vision to life! But what exactly will that entail?

Here is what you can expect when you work with a Wenzinista (Wenz designer) on your next project:

Phase 1: Getting to know you and understand your style

As you begin working with a Wenzinista, they will talk with you and become well acquainted with your taste and style so they can find options to suit your unique needs. They’ll also ask you questions about what you’re looking to achieve with your home so that they can understand your goals before looking at different options. 

If you’re not exactly sure what look you would like to achieve, it’s time to seek out inspiration and explore your options when it comes to colors, patterns, textures, furniture styles, and accessories! We’ll help you get ideas on the direction you would like to go either from products we have in-store, or from online sources like Houzz and Pinterest. 

With so many options to look at, this is one of the areas where working with a designer can prove incredibly valuable. By talking through your goals and ideas with a designer, they can help to narrow your choices and select the right options to achieve beautiful results.

At this stage of the design process, you will have an initial in-store meeting and possibly an in-home visit. In-home visits are often helpful as they allow a designer to get a better feel for your space, and gain a better understanding of how to approach the project. 

Phase 2: Applying our expertise

Now that you’ve made some decisions about what look you’d like to achieve for your home, you can move into the planning and selection stages.

Examples of things we will help with in this stage include offering our advice and suggestions when it comes to colors, patterns, brands, and styles, as well as creating floor plans for you to help with space planning and organizing the layout of your design. 

In this stage, the designer you’re working with will further help to shape your vision for how you would like your home to look and function, and assist you in making the final decisions for what products are needed to make your vision come to life.

Phase 3: Ordering and set up

For this stage, your designer will put in orders for the products you have decided on, and will update you when they have arrived and are available for delivery! If your project did not require any ordering, you can skip to the last part of the process, which is delivery and set up.

At Wenz, we offer white glove delivery and set up, meaning we bring each piece inside and place it in the area you decided on with your designer. This way we can make sure your new room design is set up just the way you wanted! 

Now that you are aware of the stages involved in the design process, we hope you feel more comfortable getting started and working through the stages to get a beautiful new look for your home.

If you would like help with your next project, however big or small, our designers would be happy to help! Whether you’re designing one room or your entire home, we are 100% dedicated to helping you get amazing results.

If you have any questions for us or would like to work with one of our designers, you can contact us via…

You can also visit our store at 1693 Main St Green Bay!