The 4 R’s of Giving Your Rooms New Life

Are your rooms starting to feel a little tired? Sick of the same old thing when you walk through the door? Here are the 4 “R’s” that will help you to pump some life back into your space!


The first thing you can do is remove clutter from your space – and this can mean both household items and too much decorative decor. Over time we have we have a tendency to collect and hold on to things we no longer need. By going through and parting ways with some of our trinkets, old magazines, etc, you’ll open up your space and create a lighter, airy feel in the room!

If something is cluttering up your space but has sentimental value to you, or you’re just not ready to part ways with it, you can move it into storage or display it in a different area! A minimalistic approach can go a long way in making your space feel more open and inviting.  

Household items can be moved to drawers or hidden in decorative baskets where they can be easily accessed while hidden away from sight.


One of the simplest ways you can get a fresh look for your room is to rearrange your furniture.

Displaying your pieces in a new way will provide a whole new perspective for the room, and maybe even improve the functionality of the space!

For example, even a small change like moving a sofa to become flush with the wall rather than kitty-corner to it might allow you to better utilize the space in the room.


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The third R is to repurpose. A few examples of how you can repurpose your old furniture is to paint it a new color, switch out the knobs if it’s a dresser, cabinet, or end table, or maybe change the upholstery on some old dining chairs! The options are endless!

Another plus, DIY projects are typically pretty inexpensive! If you have a tight budget for your room redo, this is an excellent way to get the look for cheap. Pinterest is an excellent place to go for inspiration and how-to videos with these types of DIY projects!


The 4th and final R is replace! Sometimes the best way to get the look you want to achieve is to replace your old furniture and décor with new pieces that celebrate your style.

This will allow the most flexibility and variety when it comes to switching up the look in your home, and it allows you to ensure your home looks up-to-date! We would be happy to help you select new pieces for your home if this is the route you’re looking to take.

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