Stress Free in 2019

When we think about reducing stress, we often think about exercise, meditation, and spa days. While those are all excellent ways of reducing stress, you can also lessen it by making changes to your daily environment! Our home has the ability to provide us with a sense of ease and comfort, but it can also cause us stress at times (in ways that we don’t even realize). 

Here are 3 major ways that you can alter your environment to reduce stress for the new year: 

A Minimalist Approach

Stress Free in 2019

Minimalism is a great design approach for reducing and preventing stress. A major trigger for stress in the home is clutter, which can be in the form of everyday messes or an overflow of décor. When your home feels cluttered with décor, it can be over stimulating for the brain because there is too much to focus on in the room; this elevates stress levels and makes you feel less relaxed in your space. The room will also feel smaller, making you feel cramped. 

Make sure you include only what you really love and need in each room, leaving a cleaner, refined look that will encourage a stress-free atmosphere. Using large statement accessories is a minimalist design tactic that allows you to make an impact on the room, without an overflow of smaller décor making the space appear cluttered.

If everyday messes and clutter cause you stress, a convenient way to hide household items (throw blankets, kids toys, gaming equipment, etc) is to incorporate furniture and décor into your home that doubles as storage space. Cabinets, ottomans, and lidded baskets are just a few examples of storage furniture and decor that will allow you to conceal common household items, making cleaning up and maintaining a stress-free environment much easier.

Savvy Closet Organization

Stress Free in 2019

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A closet, whether you realize it or not, can be a major point of stress. It’s often an area that becomes cluttered and messy because it’s hidden from view. Any closet can be a point of stress when it isn’t organized, but I think we all know that the bedroom closet has the most impact on our everyday lives. We start each day navigating through it, trying to find the right clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

We recommend cleaning out your bedroom closet and finding ways to organize it that will increase neatness and efficiency. You can find a grand variety of closet organizers to suit your specific needs, and help you to keep your closet and bedroom clean. No matter what size your closet is, you can find nifty hangers, shoe cubbies, and shelving to keep you organized. And while you’re in there, you can evaluate the items within and consider getting rid of pieces you don’t wear. Downsizing can greatly improve your closets appearance and organization! 

Almost being late for work because you were busy hunting down the scarf that matches your blouse is not the most stress-free way to start your morning. A clean, clearly organized closet, will allow you to see what options are available and quickly find what you need to create the perfect outfit and start your day on the right foot.

Finding Your Best Sleep

Stress Free in 2019

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The third step you can take this year to reduce stress is to find ways to get your best sleep. Sleep is vital to your general health, physically and mentally. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll find yourself having a hard time feeling energized, finding motivation, paying attention, staying focused, and completing tasks to your fullest capacity…and naturally all of this can make you feel stressed. See why it’s so important that you lock in that 7 to 8 hours a night? 

There are multiple factors that play into getting healthy sleep, but what you are physically sleeping on is often the most prevalent. We often don’t realize that our mattress, pillow, AND bedding can affect our sleep. This is because they all have the ability to affect our comfort through texture, support, and pressure points. 

When it comes to your mattress, there are many factors that can affect a good night’s sleep, including your sleep position, firmness vs softness, heat absorption, motion transfer, etc. If your mattress isn’t meeting your sleep requirements, or is just getting old and needs replacement, make sure to do the research and find out which mattress would best suit your specific needs so you can start getting your best night’s sleep.

Your pillow can also factor in, as different firmness levels work better for different sleep positions. The level of firmness, depending on position, will determine your neck and spine’s positioning as you sleep. The correct positioning allows your spine to stay in alignment and prevent neck and/or shoulder pain. To get the pillow that offers you the comfort you need, look up which pillow is best for your sleep position (side, back, stomach), and make sure you have the right pillowcase; one that is comfortable to the touch, isn’t itchy, etc. 

Your bedding might not seem as important, but it can actually make a big difference. When you’re comfortable, your body can relax quickly which will allow you to fall asleep faster. Therefore, your sheets and comforter need to offer you the right qualities so you can feel amazing as you snuggle in bed.

Everyone has different preferences as to what is most comfortable. Some like bedding that is weightier because they like the comfort of bedding that conforms to their body and feels like a hug, whereas hot sleepers may prefer bedding that is much lighter and doesn’t trap in as much heat. Some people might like bedding with a smooth, satiny feel whereas others prefer microfiber. You’ll need to find what is most comfortable for you and look into options that suit your needs. 

When you get all three of these pieces right (mattress, pillow, bedding), you’ll find that your sleep, along with your stress levels, will be greatly improved! 

With these tips, it’s very likely that your everyday stress can be reduced. In the morning you will wake feeling rested, be able to spend more time relaxing at breakfast because you saved some time getting dressed, and return home to the peaceful atmosphere you have created in your home.

What better way to start the new year than with less stress? If you would like more tips and help creating a stress-free environment, our Wenzinistas are here to help! 

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