Sofa Shopping – Steps to Success

With the start of a new year, many of you are looking to get started on that living room remodel. What an exciting time! But where will you start? With so many choices when it comes to style, comfort, and features, how do you decide which one is for you?

Well, we’ve decided to provide you with a five-step help guide to get you started! Below you’ll find a list of simple steps that will guide you through the entire process.

Step 1 – Measure Your Space

Before you even step out of the house, there are some steps that need to be taken. First, it’s extremely important to measure the area you’d like to put the sofa in. There’s nothing more disappointing than purchasing a spiffy new sofa only to have it not fit and have to reselect. If your current sofa is in the space where the new sofa will be placed, you can use it for reference when it comes to measurements. You can then decide if you’d like the same size sofa, a little bit bigger sofa, or to downsize a bit – and adjust your measurements from there.

Make sure to allow wiggle room so you can fit side tables, a coffee table, lamp, and whatever else you’d like to be next to the sofa, while making sure the space won’t appear too cramped for your liking.

A sofa, likely the largest piece of furniture in the room, can often swallow the room, making it appear smaller than it is. Make sure you decide what sized sofa you will be comfortable with in your home.

Step 2 – Decide How Much Lounging Room You Need

First, think about who will be using the sofa. If it’s just you and the Mr. or Mrs., a regular two or three-cushioned sofa would likely be enough – perhaps with a matching loveseat for when family and friends visit. If you have children and pets who like to snuggle up on the sofa as well, a sectional would likely be the better solution, offering you the amount of space you’ll need for everyone to be comfortable.

After you have decided on what type of sofa you need size-wise based on your household, envision where and how you are going to arrange the sofa. If you decide on a sectional, think about whether one with a chaise would work for your space or if you should stick to one without.

Step 3 – Decide on a Budget

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to consider what budget is suitable for your needs. There are many affordable options available on the market today, but if you’re looking for something to love for 7-10 years, putting a larger investment into your new sofa will better allow you to do that. Quality options typically save you money over time because they save you from having to go out and get a new sofa every couple of years.

Having a general idea of what you’d like the budget to be ahead of time is important so that we can find you options that you’ll feel comfortable and confident about. 

Step 4 – Get Inspired and Narrow Your Options

Here comes the fun part! You get to browse online or in-store for the style sofa you’d like. You don’t have to make a decision on day one, take your time and get a feel for what color, shape, fabric texture, and overall look you would like for your home.

You can pick up your laptop, bring it over to where the new sofa will go and envision what it will look like with the rest of the room. If you are doing a full room re-design, focus less on the existing elements that are going to be replaced and more on how the sofa will look with both your vision for the room and the structure of the room in general.

To help narrow your search right away, think about what requirements the sofa needs to suit your lifestyle. If you have small children and/or pets, a white linen sofa wouldn’t be the best choice for stain resistance or hiding pet hair. Realizing this, you can narrow down your options for color choice, and select a sofa with stain resistance. Now, if this doesn’t match your situation (let’s say you’re retired and most of the time it’s just you and your wife or husband) you’ll have a wider array of options to choose from that will suit your lifestyle. 

Make sure to consider which size, color and fabric, features, and comfort preferences would best suit your specific household. With this in mind, you are better prepared to find the right sofa for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come!

Step 5 –  De-stress, You’ve Got This

A decision like this can seem daunting, but with this step by step guide you are well on your way to finding the perfect sofa – and we are here to help every step of the way! We are experts at what we do, and we will help you to find the right options to suit your vision for your home.

When you come to Wenz, we pull out all the stops to ensure that we get you the results you’re looking for, both with sofa shopping and any additional needs you may have – including accessory selection, floor plans, etc. Our designers are prepared to help however possible in order to make your dreams a reality! 

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