How to Get The Right Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is meant to complement and enhance a room’s decor. Whether it is an accent chair, ottoman, or occasional piece, it has the potential to heavily amp up a room’s style! Its purpose is to make the room’s overall look more exciting by adding color, definition, and maybe a little drama.  

Accent furniture is very versatile, as it can be used singularly for decorative use, or it can have an added functional purpose as well – offering a place to sit, a storage compartment, or perhaps a display area for decor. 

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when selecting accent furniture:

Space Planning

Selecting Accent Furniture

Space planning is important when incorporating accent furniture into your home. Do you have room for an accent chair? Will one size ottoman look better with your sofa than another? How will your chest, cabinet, or sofa table be arranged in regards to your other furniture? These space considerations are all very important in order to create a put-together design that suits your taste and style.

Some prefer a room that is more heavily decorated, whereas other prefer a more minimalist approach. Decide on what you like beforehand and how much accent furniture you’d like to have in your space. Then make a plan in your head as to where you’d like each piece to go, and measure these areas so you know the approximate size each accent piece to be.

Deciding on which measurements will work for your space will allow you to avoid the mistake of purchasing accent furniture that overcrowds or underwhelms the room, and instead complements the room the way you want it to!

Fabrics and Finishes

Selecting Accent Furniture

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For chairs, ottomans, etc, you’ll want to make sure the fabric offers you the look and feel you want. For those who are getting an accent piece mainly for aesthetic purposes, you’ll want to focus more on how the fabric’s texture visually complements the room. If the piece will be used, you’ll also want to consider how the fabric feels. 

If you plan on using the piece often, you’ll also want a durable fabric that will protect the piece from noticeable wear. If you have pets and want the piece to be protected against damage from paws and claws, you can find pet-friendly fabrics as well!

Next, you’ll need to decide on which colors and patterns would best complement the space. Pattern mixing can be an especially tricky task; if you need help, you can consult a designer to get an expert opinion on what would look best!

For chests, cabinets, or occasionals, you’ll need to decide on which finish would best complement the colors and mood of the room.

Style and Mood

Selecting Accent Furniture

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As previously mentioned, accent furniture is meant to enhance the style and overall appeal of a room, but that doesn’t mean it needs to perfectly match the room’s style. Sometimes an out-of-the-box piece is just the bit of flair the room needs! Just make sure that the piece doesn’t clash too much with its surroundings, as this would create a disjointed look.

When selecting the style you’d like for your accent furniture, pay attention to the shape of the piece, the details (nailhead trim, tufting, etc.), and the feel it would offer the room – whether that be a relaxed, fun, or sophisticated feel.

Placement and Usage

Selecting Accent Furniture

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You should also consider the placement of your accent furniture in relation to other pieces in the room. Is there a more appealing way your furniture can be arranged? Consider all the ways you could arrange your accent pieces to be more inviting or better complement the room. Consider how much you’ll actually be using the piece; you’ll want to position it differently if you use it every day versus barely at all.

When it comes to accent furniture, comfort isn’t typically the biggest consideration. As an accent for the room, the furniture’s main purpose is to add aesthetic appeal, but if you do plan to spend time using the accent piece (likely an accent chair or ottoman) then you should make sure it’ll offer you the right comfort features as well.  We heavily recommend you try before you buy with this type of furniture to ensure that it will offer you both the style and comfort you seek.

If you need assistance finding the right accent pieces for your home, our designers are always here for you! We can help with each stage of the decision-making process, from space planning, to style choice, to color and pattern selection!

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