How to put a Modern Twist on Your Holiday Decorating

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! If you’d like to put a fun twist on your holiday decorating, we have some modern décor suggestions to help you spice things up!

Modern Simplicity

How to put a Modern Twist on Your Holiday Decorating

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Modern holiday decor is typically very classy, simple, and minimalistic. If you don’t like Christmas decorations that dominate the room, a more understated, modern look may be for you! Minimalist decor is also easier to get set up because there is usually less of it, and it often allows you to have a more streamlined, put together look. Some examples of modern holiday decor could include modest greenery, vintage ornaments and stockings, dark florals, classic white candles, DIY tree branch and pinecone accents, and decor (figurines, candlesticks, etc) in gold, silver, and brass. 

A lot of the traditional Christmas decor you’ve enjoyed in years past can still be incorporated into your decorations this year, just simplified to reflect a timeless elegance.

Silver and Gold 

How to put a Modern Twist on Your Holiday Decorating

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One the keys to modern decorating is the use of neutral colors. This fits into the minimalistic approach of modern design. However, especially in the winter months, mixing in a few metallics will add to the warmth and excitement you want to experience around Christmas time.

Metallic elements against a neutral palette will create a very pleasing contrast. The way light reflects off of metallics, whether it’s from Christmas lights or candles, creates that sparkle that will brighten the room for the holidays.

You can buy metallic accents or you can make it a DIY project and paint the decor yourself. Some examples of metallic accents you can add to your modern Christmas decor are candlesticks, Christmas trees (large or small), pine cones, and ornaments. 

Vintage Inspired Ornaments

How to put a Modern Twist on Your Holiday Decorating

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Vintage ornaments are very simplistic and elegant. They have a look that is effortlessly timeless and they make a bold statement! The beauty of authentically vintage ornaments is their unique look and story. Each one is different and will provide a very special look for your Christmas decor. If you don’t have access to real vintage ornaments from parents, grandparents, or garage sales, you can buy new ones that have the same vintage look.

The current trend is to put these ornaments on your tree as well as in glass containers for your mantle or side tables!

Dark Florals

How to put a Modern Twist on Your Holiday Decorating

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Dark florals, especially in a crimson red, help to break away from the traditional bright reds and create a more sophisticated look at Christmas time. The key is to keep the arrangements simple, maybe adding a few sprigs of wintry evergreen to keep with the seasonal theme. Incorporating natural elements is prominent in modern holiday decorating, and is sure to make your decor feel fresh and inviting.

Modern holiday decor is for those who enjoy a classic, vintage Christmas while keeping things minimalistic. We hope these tips helped inspire you when it comes to your Christmas decor and that you end up with a beautiful look that both you and your guests will love! If you need any assistance in creating a modern look for your home this season, our designers would be happy to help!

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