Uncluttered for The Holidays

With all of the hustle and bustle happening around the holidays, our home can become a little cluttered. Removing this clutter can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to prepare for guests. 

You need additional storage space, and your furnishings can actually offer the solution you need! Furniture that has storage space allows you to easily hide the everyday clutter and focus on displaying your holiday decor. This will come in especially handy if you’re having guests over for Christmas this year!

Below are some examples of furnishings that will help you keep your home tidy during the holidays and year round! 

Tiered Coffee Table

Taken from trendir.com

A coffee table with a shelf below allows you to stack books and magazines underneath, as well as decorative baskets for storing miscellaneous items that are cluttering your home. This leaves space for your more decorative elements, such as centerpieces, flowers, or candles, to be the focus of the top shelf.

A coffee table with drawers instead of shelves is also a viable option, especially if you’d like to keep non-decorative items more concealed!

Console Cabinet/Table

Taken from Pinterest

A console table or cabinet is perfect for both decorative and functional storage. You can display decor on the shelves and put non-decorative household items in the drawers; larger items can be hidden in decorative baskets beneath! 

There are all different styles and configurations when it comes to console tables, so you can get one to suit your specific needs – whether that be with drawers or without, multiple shelves for decor, or a single shelved console table, you can find one to suit your home and lifestyle.

Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are the perfect place to store your throw blankets, gaming equipment, kids toys, etc when not in use. They offer organization and function while bringing the room together, and they provide a great place to kick your feet up!

You’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to size, shape, and style, allowing you to get the perfect one to fit your space.

Chaise Cubby

Many sofas and sectionals that have a chaise will have a storage space underneath it. This allows you to hide throw blankets, decorative pillows, books, and anything else that can be put away when not in use. These cubbies are great for offering convenience; when you get a little chill and need a blanket, just reach under the seat! 

If you could use some furniture that offers storage space, we have options available at Wenz! Each of the above options can help you to create a cleaner, uncluttered look for your home, and our designers would be happy to help find you the right options to suit your needs! 

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