Meet Alan, Our New Designer!

Each of our designers brings something special to the table, and it’s always exciting when we bring on someone new. Alan is one of our new designers and has been with us for about two months now. We are thrilled to have him here and can’t wait to see how he thrives and grows in his position with us!

As a designer, Alan comes to us with ample furniture and design experience. His many years in both residential and commercial decorating have provided him with a great eye for design, and the experience and knowledge to quickly find the perfect options for each unique space. Customers enjoy working with him because he has a friendly and calming presence, and he clearly cares about finding the right solutions for their home. Alan goes above and beyond to offer his clients an amazing experience, get them beautiful results that surpass their expectations, and create lasting relationships with them! 

Alan is a highly artistic designer who possesses a very natural talent when it comes to design. He enjoys transforming unique spaces and providing clients with a look that aligns with their specific taste and lifestyle. He is very honest and upfront about what options would suit his clients best, and knows how to select the right pieces for creating a look that is unique to each individual!

When asked about what he enjoys most about being a designer, Alan responded: “I just love our industry and the ability to be deeply involved in my clients’ home or business. I know that what I am doing has a real positive impact on their lives!” He says that he truly enjoys coming up with inspired designs for clients and seeing how excited they are with the finished project.  

As someone who feeds off of positivity, Alan’s favorite part about working at Wenz is the comfortable environment filled with fun, positive people. He has become part of a wonderful team of people who share many of the same goals, and who want to help him continue to succeed!

When asked about his values, Alan said: “The values that are most important to me are family, love, health, creativity, integrity, and truth. These values give my life meaning.”

He went on to say that staying positive and keeping a good attitude is incredibly important to him, and using his creativity to serve others is what gives him purpose. While he strives for excellence, using his talents to help others is what ultimately allows him to start each day with the right attitude for success!

Outside of work, Alan enjoys painting, collecting art, playing tennis, gardening with his wife, cooking, and spending time outdoors; he is clearly an outgoing person who enjoys a diverse, full lifestyle! While he has only been on the Wenz team for a short time, co-workers and customers alike enjoy working with him.

We can see by his talents, friendly personality, and positive outlook, both in his professional and personal life, that he’s a great fit at Wenz!

If you are interested in working with Alan or one of our other designers for your next project, you can reach us via…

You can also visit our store at 1693 Main St Green Bay!