Lighting Trends for 2019

Are you looking to create a fresh, reinvigorated atmosphere for your home this year? One of the major ways you can do this is through changing up your light fixtures! While this may seem like a small detail, new light fixtures can make a major statement, and change up your home’s look more than you think. Along with showing off your personal style, the way the light fixture is shaped, the type of light fixture it is (hanging, floor lamp, etc.), and the material it’s made out of can influence how the lighting looks in the room, and how the mood is influenced.

Here are some of the current light fixture trends for 2019!

Art Deco

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Art deco decor evokes lavish luxury, showcasing straight lines, geometric shapes, symmetrical patterns, and ornate detailing. If you want your lighting to make a statement, this is a great way to do it! Emanating a beautiful, classic style, art deco lighting allows you to incorporate a touch of timeless luxury into your space. 

We recommend an ornate chandelier that will cascade warmth throughout the room. Overhead art deco lighting will draw the eye and create a unique focal point in any room. 

Industrial Style Lighting

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The industrial design style showcases a lot of raw, factory-like elements, which typically offers a bold, edgy look. While some fear that the industrial look is too cold, lighting is one of the areas where industrial decor can be given a softer edge. With the addition of some soft light, you get a look that is edgy, but also warm and inviting. 

The industrial style is incredibly diverse, varying from subtle to steampunk, and there are endless ways you can integrate it into your home. Depending on the individual characteristics of the fixture, industrial style lighting can be incorporated into rooms that are modern, urban chic, country, rustic, or contemporary. No matter what, this type of statement lighting is sure to attract the eye and add a bit of unexpected flair to your home’s look.

Natural Materials

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Natural elements in interior design have been trending for a long time, and light fixtures are no exception! Some examples include chandeliers made out of wood, lamp bases made from stone or wood, and lampshades made from linen or bamboo. Natural elements, with their earthy tones, beautiful textures, and rustic appeal, often create a very grounded, inviting atmosphere when incorporated into the home. 

Clear Light Fixtures

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Looking for a more subtle look? Clear light fixtures are beautiful, classy, and will blend in nicely with the decor in any room. The options are endless, and you can get some amazing visual effects with light on glass. Traditional round fixtures, uniquely shaped fixtures like those pictured above, and beveled glass fixtures are just a few of the options available, each affecting the appearance of light in your home a little differently.

Whichever option you choose, the atmosphere is sure to feel light, airy, and tranquil due to the smooth, unobtrusive nature of glass. Another benefit of transparent fixtures is that they allow your view to go unobstructed, and this often makes a room appear more spacious!

These are just a few examples of the current trends you might be interested in; there are hundreds of styles and options to choose from! If you could use some help selecting which type of light fixtures are right for your home, we would be happy to offer our expertise.

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