How can a Copper Mattress Improve Your Sleep & Health?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the copper mattress, it may seem strange to incorporate this metal into what you sleep on at night – but copper actually has some amazing benefits for your sleep!

Optimal Support

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Copper within your mattress adds additional support because copper particles interact – and this causes a firming response. The most compressed areas on the mattress, where your weight presses in, will get firmer under the pressure – so your shoulders and hips will receive the additional support they need! This also helps to keep your spine in alignment which is also great for your health.

Sleep with Less Pain

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Arguably the best benefit of owning a copper mattress is its healing properties. Copper is truly an incredible metal because it actually helps to reduce inflammation and arthritis! Copper strengthens the connective tissue in your muscles which can relieve your sore or swollen joints.

If you are someone who suffers from aches and pains, a copper mattress might be one way you can work to alleviate it!

Faster Recovery

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Sleep is your bodies optimal time to recover from the day and prepare your body to take on the next day. By maintaining iron levels within your blood and reducing the build-up of lactic acid, the copper in your mattress will help you to recover faster, making you feel ready to tackle your day when you wake up!

This is especially helpful if you are very active, or have suffered an injury. Copper is essential for the formation of collagen in your body, which aids in the healing process of bones and connective tissue.

Less Bacteria & Allergens

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Copper mattresses also have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities, meaning they will resist the build-up of bacteria and allergens. Any live organism will fail to survive in the presence of copper for prolonged periods of time – so you can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have millions of little bacteria and microbes sleeping next to you at night!

A Cooler Night’s Sleep

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Copper allows heat to escape through convection which results in a cooling effect. It is recommended that your bedroom be a cooler temperature at night because you will likely get your best sleep around 67 degrees. If your mattress is allowing too much heat to become trapped, it’s working against your body’s ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep!

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