Holiday Decorating Trends for 2019

You’re probably all getting really excited about the holidays coming up (we certainly are!) and if you’re looking for a little extra holiday inspiration, we have some great holiday decorating trends to incorporate into your home this season!

Presents as Decor

This is not only an adorable way to decorate pretty much any area of your home, but as an easy DIY project, it’s cost effective and you can customize the look to match your decor! Just wrap a few empty boxes, decorate with ribbon and/or bows, place them as you please, and enjoy all season long!

These look great on a staircase, on the bottom self of a console table, or placed in a woven basket!

Pro tip: using thick paper (maybe even wallpaper) helps ensure your presents won’t rip and you can use them again next year! 

Holiday Minimalism

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Minimalism in interior design describes a style where a little goes a long way. It creates an understated elegance by keeping it simple, with very little embellishment. With holiday decorating it’s anything that can offer a festive feel without overpowering the room. 

A great example of holiday minimalism is to use some bare greenery on the mantle, staircase, shelving, or even the Christmas tree.  This incorporates a bit of the outdoors into your space, providing a festive feel that is simple, yet classic. 

This trend has become very popular within the last few years, and is perfect for those who prefer an understated holiday style. 

Golden Lights

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Going for gold lights rather than white or multi-color lights can help create an even warmer atmosphere around the holidays. Light is powerful when it comes to ambiance, and a golden light is so warm and calming, it’s sure to put your guests at ease! 

You can use golden lights on your tree, mantle, staircase, or perhaps in a clear container. Getting creative and finding more ways to incorporate this trend will only increase the warm feeling in your home!

Get a Vintage Feel by Dressing up Antiques

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If you already have some antiques in the house, you can use them in your decorating to get a classic, old-school holiday style! You can dress them up adding ribbon, bows, etc., or just add them in with your holiday display. Mixing modern and vintage styles is very popular in holiday decorating right now!

If you don’t have much to work with as far as antiques go, you can find reasonably priced antiques, or new pieces with an antique style, that you can use to achieve a vintage feel in your holiday decorating.

Holiday Cards on Your Garland

We love receiving holiday cards from family and friends, and displaying them is tradition – why not try a fun new way to show them off?

Simply punch a hole in the corner of your cards, attach a Christmas ornament hook, and hang on your garland! You can do this anywhere, so whether your garland is on your mantle, staircase, or doorway, you can make it look awesome by attaching your holiday cards!

Pops of Plaid

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A subtle way to incorporate a festive feel into your home is to sprinkle in pops of plaid throughout your home. A few examples include plaid throw pillows or blankets, place-mats or dishware in the dining room, stockings hung over the mantle, and plaid ribbon wrapped around your tree. 

This trend can be used year round to bring a cozy feel into your home but is especially effective around the holidays!

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