Get a BLISSFUL Night’s Sleep with the Pure Talalay Bliss Mattress!

With a busy schedule, getting the sleep you need is essential for you to be at your best every day!

So what’s keeping you up at night? Heat, pain, or maybe allergies? Latex mattresses are becoming an extremely popular option for remedying these common sleep issues!

The Pure Bliss Talalay mattress is a great option if you’re looking to get your best night’s sleep => here’s why.

Talalay Mattresses

First of all, what is a Talalay mattress? The difference is the way that the mattress is manufactured. The Talalay manufacturing process requires a few extra steps and produces a fluffier, more buoyant latex.

According to Brooklyn Bedding, “Talalay Latex has been called earth’s most perfect sleep material. Natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree and processed using natural, biodegradable ingredients that come from renewable sources. In addition to being a particularly safe and inherently hypoallergenic material, latex is one of the most desirable sleep materials because it delivers a unique buoyant quality that relaxes muscles and relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day while you sleep.”

The takeaway is that the Talalay manufacturing process combines quality construction with quality materials to create a masterfully designed sleep solution! Continue reading to find out more about the specific benefits of owning one of these mattresses.

A Healthier Choice

Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses are 100% organic, meaning they contain no harmful chemicals!

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are sleeping on a healthy alternative to mattresses that use traditional synthetic foams. Very few mattresses in the world meet the level of safety certification this mattress has!

In addition, this mattress is also a healthier choice for the planet. Pure Talalay Bliss is dedicated to practicing green manufacturing methods in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint – and you can feel amazing knowing your purchase helps support environmentally friendly practices!

A Cleaner Mattress

These mattresses are also resistant to the bacteria, mold, and dust mites that tend to accumulate in our beds because of the constant shedding of sweat and skin cells!

As gross at that sounds, we all sweat and shed skin cells constantly when we sleep – so a mattress that helps you to keep contaminants like bacteria and dust mites at bay is a huge help in maintaining a cleaner mattress you can feel good about sleeping on night after night!

If you suffer from allergies this is an especially beneficial attribute! By resisting all those pesky microbes, this mattress will help to reduce your allergy suffering.

A Cooler Night’s Sleep

This mattress is also breathable so you can sleep much cooler at night! This is especially beneficial for you hot sleepers out there (the ones who wake up in a pool of sweat).

Feeling too warm or sweating too much can actually interrupt your sleep cycle as well, so a breathable mattress is ideal for letting air circulate, keeping you cool and preventing you from waking in the night.

These are just some of the benefits of owning one of these mattresses! If you’re looking for a superior night’s sleep so you can be at your best every day, it might be time to upgrade to a Pure Bliss Talalay Mattress!

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