Frequently Asked Questions: Answered! 👍

For those of you who are curious about how we operate at Wenz or you have a quick question for us, we have listed out some of our most frequently asked questions with answers that may be of help to you!

  • Do you have any sales?

At Wenz, we pride ourselves in offering the everyday low price for everything we sell. This means we don’t mark up our furniture just to mark it down. We give you honest, upfront pricing from the start!

With that being said, you can still find pieces at reduced prices – they’re just reduced from the everyday low price (meaning you’re actually getting a deal)!

We also offer instant savings for different spending intervals. You will instantly get money back for spending a certain amount!

  • What’s your return policy?

We allow you to return your items within 30 days. If you get your furniture home and it doesn’t quite fit or offer you the feel you were hoping for, we will help you reselect – with no restocking fee!

  • How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE if you live within 30 miles! We do provide delivery services to locations far past the 30 miles – just give us a call and we would be happy to provide a quote!

  • Do you haul away the old furniture?

We certainly can! We will haul away your old furniture for $20 /item. Make sure to let us know ahead of time if you need items moved out!

  • What does working with a designer entail?

Our designers are a resource to help you get exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what stage of the furniture buying process you’re in! We pride ourselves in offering service that’s helpful, NOT pushy, and our designers will work with you to find the right options to suit your specific needs, style, and budget. Some of the things they can help with (whether your project is small or large) is color, texture, and pattern selection, room planning, and providing brand and product information.

  • What kind of selection do you have?

We like having options available to suit many different needs. We offer a variety of options for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and various accent pieces to be incorporated into other spaces as well!

The styles we carry range from basic pieces that go with everything to custom pieces that will perfectly match your unique space. Whatever your needs, we’ll find options for you!

  • Do you price match?

Yes, we do! We’re dedicated to offering the best price, so if you find the same product for a lower price somewhere else (locally) we’ll match it!

Just make sure you provide proof of the same product being offered at a lower price.

  • What type of warranty do you offer?

We have a free 2-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects and we offer an upgraded 5-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects along with accidents!

  • I need furniture immediately. How fast can I get delivery?

We have plenty of options you can take off the floor right away through cash & carry, or you can typically get delivery within a few days!

Custom orders take longer, just let us know your timeline and we can find the right options for you!

  • Do you have multiple color / fabric options?

Yes, we do! We carry a variety of products and brands that allow you to custom order the piece in the color, fabric, and sometimes even style of your choice. If you’re not seeing exactly what you’re looking for, custom ordering is a great way to get what you want!

  • Do you have a clearance area?

Yes, we do! We have a whole section of our store dedicated to some of our more budget-friendly options. PLUS, remember we have options at reduced prices throughout the store!

  • What if I don’t see what I’m looking for?

No worries! We have many choices available to order. We’re here to find your perfect piece!

We hope these answers to our most frequently asked questions were helpeful! If you have a different question for us or would like additional information!

you can contact us via…

Phone: 920-406-1800


Facebook: Send us a message on Facebook here.

Or you can stop in at 1693 Main St Green Bay!