Creating a Cozy Atmosphere for Your Bedroom

During the chilly winter months, your bedroom might not only feel physically cold, but conceptually cold as well! Here are some tips on giving your bedroom a warm atmosphere to get you through the winter.

Cozy Bedding

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The focal point of any bedroom is of course, the bed. In the wintertime, our bed is the coziest area in our entire house, especially if we have the right bedding. Soft, thick blankets are best, and neutral colored blankets, like beige, brown, grey, or white create a sense of ease and warmth.

When you walk in and see the plush, thick blankets you will immediately feel the warmth and serene energy in the room.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

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Layering your blankets on the bed or adding throw blankets to the end of the bed will create a warmer look and feel, and layering blankets in different neutral shades will allow you to create depth while keeping the comfortable energy in the room. The same can be said for throw pillows; they add a little extra comfort to the look of your bedroom, and layering them will create a dynamic and cozy feel. They also give you more to snuggle up with at night! 

Fuzzy Area Rugs

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Warm area rugs will help you to avoid the dreaded freezing floor when you get out of bed! We all hate sacrificing our feet every time we need to go to work. Let your feet sink into a thick pile shag rug beside your bed instead.

Thick, textured rugs are a good choice for both visually and physically experiencing warmth in your bedroom this season. Keep a pair of slippers close as an additional way to keep those toes warm!

Warm Lighting

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Soft lighting can instantly bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. Try using your bedside lamps more than your primary overhead light in your bedroom, and use bulbs that cast a soft white or yellow light.

Candles and lanterns are alternative forms of lighting that are also producers of soft light. Candles are traditionally an excellent way to create a warm glow in your bedroom, and infuse pleasing scents while you do so! However, if you hate trying to remember to blow your candles out or prefer not to burn candles in your home, lanterns are a more modern option that allow you to create a soft glow without the fire hazard.

There’s nothing better than feeling cozy and content in your bedroom at the end of a long day. We hope these tips help you to create warmth and relaxation for your bedroom this season!

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