Updating Your Home: 3 Tips for Success

Updating your home is so exciting, and you may feel like jumping in headfirst – we totally get it! BUT, to help ensure that you put yourself on the right path for success, we recommend you check out these three tips before you start looking for furniture!

Tip 1: Think About How You are Going to Use the Space

Let’s say you’re looking to update your living room. The first thing to do before you start searching for furniture and decor, is to think about how you will use and experience the room.

Do you want to create a casual space for lounging with your family and watching movies, OR would you rather create a space more suited for entertaining guests? Just consider your lifestyle and how you could get the best use out of the room – this will help you to know what size and style furniture would be best suited for the space!

Tip 2: Think About How You Want to Feel in the Space

The colors, textures, and styles you incorporate into the room will ultimately affect the way you feel in the space. Color is one of the biggest contributors, so let’s use that as an example!

If you are trying to select furniture and decor for your bedroom, a headboard, accent chair, curtain, area rug, etc – you may want to stray away from vibrant colors. Cool neutrals are typically the best choice for this space because they’re less stimulating and allow you to feel calm and at ease as you relax and drift off to sleep.

If you’re trying to select furniture and decor for your kitchen or dining room, you might consider the opposite! More vibrant colors like yellow, orange, or red are stimulating and can help you get going in the morning as you make your morning coffee, as well as stimulate energy and conversation in the dining room.

So to help you decide what colors, patterns, and styles you’d like to incorporate into your home, think about how each of these elements will affect the overall energy in the room. We would be more than happy to offer our advice and expertise in this area if you’re not sure!

Tip 3: Get Measurements!

Dreaming about getting a sectional? That’s great! Now it’s time to measure your space to see how much room you have to work with.

Before you make a trip to the store to pick out new furniture, make sure you know what dimensions the pieces will need to be to offer you a good ratio of open space vs furniture, clear walkways, and room for whatever smaller pieces you’d like to pair with the larger pieces (coffee table, side table, etc).

You’ll also want to consider the path your furniture will need to take in order to get to the room you’re updating. Be sure to measure the doorways and pathways to ensure that the piece will fit through!

If you would like assistance to make sure you get the right pieces for your home, we would be happy to schedule an in-home visit and do some space planning with you!

For more detailed instructions on how to properly measure a room for furniture, you can follow this link:


We hope you find these tips helpful for your next project, and if you’re ready to take the next step and start looking for inspiration and new furniture, we would love to assist!

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