Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

Designing a small space comes with its challenges, but it also allows you to have fun and get creative with the design. To create a space that feels cozy, not cramped, we have 4 helpful tips to get you started! 

Highlight the room’s strong points

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The key to enhancing the appeal of a small space is to highlight it’s strong points. This draws attention to the room’s beauty, and draws the attention away from the room’s size. If your living room has large windows that let in lots of natural light, a tall ceiling, or a beautiful fireplace, make sure to draw attention to these features! 

For example, if the room receives lots of natural light, you can either use no curtains or sheer curtains that allow the light to get through and brighten up the room. If you have a nice fireplace in the room, you can draw attention to it by painting it a new color, adding eye-catching decor to the area, or strategically placing furniture near it. If the room is shaped a little differently than a conventional square or rectangle living room, play the angles to get an even more unique look! 

These are just a few examples of how you can accentuate your living room’s strengths – whatever advantages your unique living room has, make sure to play them up! 

Scale down furniture

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If your furniture overcrowds the room and takes up too much space, the focus will be on the furniture and the lack of space you experience when you walk in the room. To make a small space appear larger, you can scale down the furniture to better suit the dimensions of the room. You don’t necessarily need to make your living room look as though a doll lives there, but furniture and decor that is sleeker, thinner, and yes, a tad smaller will make the room appear larger and help you to better utilize the available space.

Some ideas for furnishings that will allow for a more spacious feel include club chairs, sofas with shallower cushions and sleek backs, wall mounted shelves rather than bulky shelving or bookcases, and thin occasional tables (especially transparent ones).

Get creative with the layout

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When space is limited, you’ll need to get creative about how you arrange your furniture so that you’re getting the most out of the space. You’ll want to try out a few different configurations, taking comfort, function, style, and conversation into account. Is your furniture arranged in a way that makes it easy for people to chat? Does the room feel cozy and inviting? Are there ways it could be made more functional to suit your needs? These are all questions to consider when arranging furniture in a small space.

You may end up arranging your furniture in a way that you didn’t expect, and it just works! Not every conventional set up will work for a room with limited space. Get creative and try layouts that are out-of-the-box too.

Strategically display wall accents

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Paintings and other wall accessories are a great way to make a statement without taking up space! You can also make your ceilings appear taller by strategically hanging pieces higher up the wall, drawing the eye upward. One of the best ways you can do this is through creating a wall collage – a balanced group of pieces that complement one another and cover most of the wall (see example pictured above.)

Mirrors, especially large ones, are also a helpful tool in making a space appear larger because they create an almost window-like illusion. Plus they reflect the available light in the room making the space feel more open and airy! 

With these tips, you’re on your way to creating a beautiful design for your living room. If you would like some additional guidance with your project, our designers are happy to help! We’re experts in finding creative solutions and making any room look beautiful. 

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