3 Furniture Myths Revealed

You’re starting to think about remodeling your living area.  Excellent, it can be a very exciting time. So many new ideas, options, and products to consider!  You rush to Pinterest, Google, and your friend who always seems to have great taste for guidance. Fast forward 2 weeks and you’ve seen no less than 2,500 sofas in every possible color and style, and that one great chair you want to work into the room somehow.  But where to start….which one will work best? How can you get something durable for the kids, yet stylish for yourself?

Before you begin your hunt for the perfect sofa, discover the 3 of the biggest furniture myths.

Myth #1: “Furniture is all pretty much the same.”

It’s critical to have a clear understanding of why you want to make this change.  Some common reasons are:

  • Addition of pets
  • Having kids
  • Doing more entertaining
  • Kids have moved off to college
  • Downsized your living space

All of these life events will create very different needs and require different furniture to best fit your life.  Unfortunately, we see all too many people who have already made the “white linen sofa while having 4 kids and 3 dogs” mistake.  This myth can be the most costly because you can potentially end up with the wrong furniture for your unique needs.

Myth #2: “It’s important to wait for the best sale.”

You want the best deal, right?  Of course, everyone does. We’ve yet to have a client request to pay too much for something.  But what is the best deal, and how would you know? If you pay $500 for a sofa, never like it, are uncomfortable, and it looks bad in the room, was it a good deal?  If you pay $1,000 for a sofa and absolutely love it, spend Sundays watching the game on it, and enjoy movies with the family for years, was it a good deal?

Ultimately, the budget is important and should be respected, but looking at the relationship between what you paid versus what you will get out of it over time may be a better way to evaluate your investment.

Myth #3: “Let’s just figure that part out later.”

Imagine this scenario…you’ve found the sofa you’re looking for; it looks great, it’s comfortable, fits the budget, and you’re ready to set up delivery. You get it delivered and it’s better than you expected. There you are, comfy on your new sofa…..looking at the rest of the room that is old, outdated, uncomfortable, and in need of a little TLC. It’s a sad but true reality that happens all too often without planning. Your mission to “fix” the room and remodel it by buying a new sofa has you still feeling frustrated, though a bit more comfortable.

The key take away of this is to think about the room. Even if you don’t have the desire or budget to change the whole room at this time, thinking it through and knowing how the room will eventually come together to offer the best feel will significantly improve the enjoyment of your new purchase. Even if you are layering on items at a later date, it’s important to be working off of a plan so your buying experience becomes easier with each additional piece.

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