3 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Dining Set’s Look

Switch up the chairs

Your chairs are the main accents to your table. Sometimes switching them out can give the set a totally different feel, almost as if you have a whole new set! You can do this by getting chairs that present a new color, style, size, and/or shape.

If you’re looking to add a little more sophistication to your dining room, a popular way to do this is by adding upholstered chairs to the ends of the table. It keeps things interesting, allows you to mix styles, and adds a little more dimension to the space.

If you have chairs with wooden seats, the easiest and cheapest way you can accentuate your dining table through your chairs is by adding seat cushions! There are so many fun colors and patterns available to brighten up any dining set, and can add a light, farmhouse feel to your dining room.


A second way to freshen up your table’s look is by dressing it up with fun accessories. A few examples of ways you could do this include adding a statement centerpiece, a table runner, and/or placemats.

You might also consider using your dishware to your advantage. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your fine china – any dishware that’s colorful, patterned, or shaped a little differently can add just the right amount of flair needed to jazz up your table’s look.

Look to the ground and sky

When we say ground and sky, we mean your area rugs and light fixtures. We’ll start with light fixtures, which are of major importance in the dining room. This is because they are generally centered in the middle of the room, right above the dining table, and they create the ambiance for the entire room.

Hanging light fixtures are a popular choice because they hover over an area where they can hang lower and not get in anyone’s way as they’re walking. This allows you to utilize fixtures that are closer to the table, which typically makes a bigger statement.

As for area rugs, they can work wonders in two ways. First, they often create depth and a nice contrast of color and texture against your flooring. Second, it creates a soft, cushy feel for your guests as they eat! No one likes cold feet as they’re trying to enjoy their lasagna.

These are just three of many tips that can help enhance the look of your dining set and overall dining room. We hope you found these tips helpful! If you need any assistance dressing up your table before holidays or just because, our designers would be more than happy to help!

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